so. soooo. so. close.

Some truths in life…my life, at least:

1) Mixed tapes should always be eclectic. Otherwise they’re boring – and really not ‘mixed’.

2) Regina and Radiohead will always equal nostalgia…and possibly tears.

3) Powering through the home stretch is so so so SO difficult for me. Thermo, then I’m done – why can’t I just sit through the five hours of exam and END THIS.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately – once I summon the strength and fortitude to attack 3), I’ll look through the thousands (literally) of recent photographs on my hard drive, on discs, on SD cards….

But for now, here’s some recent news to perk up the mood a bit:

1) (Or should i change up the numbering so as  not to confuse? (I)?) We won the ‘Fairy Tale’ contest! Thanks so much to everyone who made this happen – Harini (my personal Grace Coddington), Amanda and her tireless editing, enduringly patient and ever-willing models Quique and Deanne, and of course the DWARVES (Eric, Mukund, Prashant, Selim, Michael, Matt). My family was a gigantic help as well – I dragged my parents to the art supply store up to the very last minute on their 2-day visit…and Madhura was both my biggest fan and the bestest nanny/errand-runner/sister possible 🙂 Finally, thank you to Amy and the art show committee, all other entrants, and everyone who came out to vote and support the exhibition!

2)/(II) A few of my photographs made it into this year’s Open Magazine! Check it out if you get a chance – there are copies floating around campus, and just a glance at the back cover might render you speechless (Hint: Quique’s masculine hand, Deanne’s sexy thigh. :P). One of my favorite beach photos of Bianca is also accompanying one of the articles.

3), i.e., (III) I’ll be photographing Senior (Señor) Gala at the Hotel Zaza tomorrow night! Or technically tonight. Yay for James, getting me into sold-out swankiness fo freezies PLUS COMMISSION. High five. 😀

4) a.k.a. (IV) I will be in Europe in a few short weeks! I’ll be driving through the south of France and Italy with my parents at the end of May, then spending a month each in Rome and Amsterdam to study bioethics on a grant that came through earlier this semester. SO EXCITED.

Now if only school would end. 🙂

To bridge the limbo, here are the photos that were submitted to the Fairy Tale exhibition. Our idea was to put a modern, cynical spin on a few well-known stories, and thus “A Twist to the Tale” was born…

Little Red riding…

Rapunzel, Rapunzel…let down.

Not so Snow White after all…

A modern-day Princess and the BlackBerry®


4 Responses to “so. soooo. so. close.”

  1. 1 karthiksoora
    May 4, 2010 at 5:19 am

    so all ur dwarves look like they’re showing expressions.

    but prashant…

    prashant just looks like he’s checking deanne out hahaha!

  2. May 4, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Miel, you spoil me. I’m right there with you on being so close. I’m so sick of school and other ppl who are done. Let’s just hang in there for one more day and then we’re free. *huggles*

  3. May 8, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    OMG the second picture actually made me say “hot damn!” out loud. Sexyyy photos!

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