french connection

I know Nine has taken a lot of flak since its release – maybe because when a  cast is as incredibly star-studded as this one, people expect the moon, the stars, and everything in between (i.e. …Earth? Maybe that wasn’t quite what I meant.). In any case, though I haven’t seen the movie yet, I can only imagine how strikingly DRAMATIC it must be….the artful lighting, the smoldering passions, the barely restrained fury…

Okay yes, Moulin Rouge and Chicago are the only reference points I have here, but bear with me. Anyway it might just be me being the romantic that I am, but the production photos don’t do much to kick my little flight of fancy in the teeth. Take Marion Cotillard, for instance. She’s absolutely stunning here:

Is it because she’s French?!

She certainly calls to mind a little Audrey Hepburn, who, born in Belgium, definitely has that French savoir-faire, joie de vivre, ménage à trois (I’m just sort of throwing these out there, not QUITE sure what they mean)…Je ne sais quo, n’est-ce pas?

And Melanie Laurent has that subtle Parisian air completely going for her as well…

…not to mention a little hint of BADASS. I don’t think I’ve ever been so stirred by a scene as I was watching her in her “preparation” phase of Inglourious Basterds (At least I didn’t cry. You should have seen me during Bambi. Granted, I was five…)

And she’s pretty damn formidable with a gun. Though that might be a little beside the point.

And now for my pièce de résistance (DID I DO THAT ONE RIGHT?)…

Who has ever been AS ADORABLE as Amelie?!?!?!

Case closed.

Next order of business: Am I just a Rosetta Stone + Air France overhead bin away from this magnificence? Or is there some hors d’oeuvres, coup d’etat, faux pas, femme fatale still to be desired? 😛

All photos from imdb.com.


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